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Dianne Travers

Dianne Travers

If you know me, you already know about Homes For Our Troops because I am sure I have talked your ear off about my favorite charity... Did I write charity? no, no - it is not charity, it is our duty as Americans to look out for these guys and gals after all they have given for our freedom!

Meet Elliot and his darling fiancé, Jamie (pictured above). I had the privilege to meet them recently as they joined the HFOT family - I am what we call Elliott and Jamie's Mission Moment Partner so I get to be involved in their build - so excited for this!!!!! I have been so inspired by Elliott that I signed up to do a 5K for HFOT. During one of our conversations, he told me he did a marathon to raise money for a little girl who needed a blade prosthetic leg so she could play basketball and other games. Insurance deemed it as unnecessary. So he fundraised and ran a marathon on his own blade. He got to somewhere around mile 19 and couldn't go further on his prosthetic blade so he called his friend to bring him his wheelchair - not a hand cycle - a REGULAR wheel chair and he pushed himself to the finish line. He did that for a little girl he didn't even know! Elliot is now going to school for orthotics & prosthetics so he can help more kids.

Nearly 90 cents of every dollar goes to building these custom homes and for the 6th year in a row, HFOT has had a 4 star rating on charity navigator... crazy awesome! I hope you can help me make a every mile count!

Thank you for your support!




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Hi, This is to cover the silent auction from our "Meat on a Stick Event". I had the high bid on a photo session.

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