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30 in 30 Challenge - Part 2!

Cara Yanosick

Cara Yanosick

Nine 5Ks, eleven 10Ks, nine Half Marathons, one Marathon, and 240.2 miles 30 in 30 Challenge is complete!!! This has been an incredible year, and I am so grateful that I have had the ability to complete this challenge while raising awareness and funds for Homes For Our Troops! The running injuries, early mornings, and heat advisories are nothing in comparison to what the Veterans we serve face on a daily basis. Each race I was reminded how lucky I am to have two functioning legs and lungs, and I am so proud to have completed this marathon thinking of my HFOT family every mile along the way. Thank you for supporting me throughout the year! Now...onto Dopey!!

November 2017: This is it!!! Tomorrow I leave for my last set of races for the year, completing my 30 in 30 Challenge! On Sunday, I will complete my last official race (25 out of the 30 were runDisney races), and a total official mile count of 240.2 miles (208.5 runDisney miles)! There's still time to help me reach my goal - I am so close to raising $4,000 total for HFOT through the Challenge! Please consider donating as I push through these final 22.4 miles! Thank you for all of your support along the way, it has been an amazing journey!

October 2017 Update: another 44.8 runDisney miles came and went in September! I PR'ed my official Half Marathon at Disneyland Paris, and then took 7.5 minutes off earlier this month on a training run! I also ran the MCM10K and added the tiny medal to my collection. Next week begins the final two runDisney race weekends for the year! I have 22.4 miles to go at the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend (Nov 3-5) and then 22.4 at Super Heroes Weekend (Nov 10-12). I feel it is so fitting that my final race weekend of this challenge is over Veterans Day, at a race called "Super Heroes"! I'm so looking forward to finishing these races, and taking an AMAZING photo in front of the Disneyland Castle with ALL 36 runDisney medals from this year!! I'm bumping my goal up one final time - please consider donating to HFOT ... Let's see how much we can raise!

August 2017 Update: Thanks to some very generous donors, without me even asking, I've met my $1,000 goal for the second half of my 30 in 30 Challenge!! You know what that means....Time for a new goal! I'm going to push it up to $1,600 - That way I will raise $3,600 - $100 for each runDisney medal I'm earning. We are two weeks out from the first of the final four race weekends. Although a bit slower than I was hoping, I've gotten up to 7 miles and my shins are still intact, so things are looking up!!

June 2017 Update: We're at the halfway point for the 30 in 30 Challenge year, and I've got 5 race weekends behind me! That means 118.9 runDisney miles run and 19 medals earned! I've got 89.6 miles to go - 44.8 in September and 44.8 in November. There are 17 more medals to earn and $1,000 more to raise to meet my goal of 30+ medals and thirty-hundred dollars! Time to start actually training so I don't become re-injured and can actually do well in these upcoming races! Stay tuned...

March 2017 Update: I've officially gone 77.2 miles this year, and have got the shin splints to prove it! Only 131.3 official runDisney miles left to go! That's right, 208.5 total runDisney miles committed. (Is that math even correct??). I'll be getting more than 30 medals, and am still committed to raising $3,000 for HFOT. My 30th birthday is less than a month away (YIKES) - Let's see if I can get halfway there by my next set of races at the end of April!

November 2016:
A new year, a new challenge! Going into my 30th year of life, I've decided to do something a little different. Many people have a 30 before 30 bucket list. I am committing to a 30 in 30 Challenge...30 runDisney medals in my 30th year! That's right, 30 medals, 2 continents, 9 race weekends, 173.7 miles!

I'll be fundraising throughout the year, with a goal of raising $3,000 (or thirty-hundred dollars) by my last race weekend, which happens to be on Veterans Day. What better way to celebrate being 30, and give back to a cause that means so much to me!

All donations raised on my fundraising pages will go directly to HFOT to help us continue our important mission of building & donating specially adapted custom homes for our nation's most severely injured Veterans, enabling them to rebuild their lives. In my eight years with HFOT, I have seen how truly life changing these homes are, and I am so grateful to be a part of this mission.

Thank you for helping make accomplish my 30 in 30 goal!



raised of $2,000 goal


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